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Unique ideas for catering in Sydney

Paella Amor was established in 2013 with the aim of providing the people of Sydney with a delicious unique catering experience. Paella is the ultimate savoury dish that is an across-the-board crowd pleaser. Here at Paella amor, we recognised that there was a gap in the catering market for paella catering in Sydney and so we acted upon it and have since reaped the rewards of our success.

Unique catering options for every occasion:

We thrive on providing our paella to different party catering & events ranging from 21st birthday celebrations to weddings and corporate events. We offer both a catering option which involves our chefs cooking in person as well as an office catering package. The office catering package allows you to have our freshly cooked piping hot paella delivered straight to your office leaving you simply to return our pans when finished.

Dietary requirements:

Paella is a versatile dish which can easily be customised to suit all dietary requirements, which makes it a perfect dish for everyone. Not only is paella a unique catering idea but it is also an affordable option, especially for a large crowd and at Paella amor we even include staffing, clean up and rubbish removal in our packages.

The Paella amor difference:

One of our unique Sydney catering selling points, is that we use 100% Australian prawns that are peeled. This allows our guests to enjoy our paella without having to worry about peeling them. It makes the dish way easier to eat with a fork or whilst standing up. We also ensure that our paella dishes are not all consumed by spice using a mild soffrito (spice mix) and that they are to the palate of the average Australian.

Covid safe paella catering:

We offer relaxed Sydney catering that offers a fun spectacle as our talented chefs prepare the paella dishes in front of your guests, which adds to the uniqueness and fun of your event. Guests will be able to see first-hand how fresh all our ingredients are and watch their dish come to life right in front of their eyes. We prepare all our ingredients at our commercial Gold Licence kitchen in Artarmon, however; all the cooking is done fresh onsite.

Like millions of businesses throughout the world we have had to adapt our way of catering considering the COVID-19 pandemic. As well as ensuring strict hygiene methods are followed by all our chefs at Paella amor, we serve our paella in biodegradable bowls and packaged cutlery. This is not only an eco-friendly approach, but it is also COVID secure in preventing cross contamination of utensils.

The complete catering service:

In light of our success and Sydney’s appetite for all things paella, we have recently added a new addition to our catering menu which is a grazing station. This is a fun, quirky addition to any event as the array of colours and different flavours ensures that there is something for everyone's taste buds. Our Spanish style tapas menu or beverage package is another excellent creation to consider adding to your function.

If you are considering paella catering for your future event please get in touch. Our team will only be too happy to run you through the different options available.

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