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We have a number of different paellas which we regularly cook. Traditionally the type of paella which is cooked depends on the location. This means that if paella was cooked near the coast, then lots of fresh seafood would be used. However, if it were cooked inland then chicken, rabbit and chorizo sausage would be more likely. The crucial ingredients to paella are rice, saffron, stock and the soffrito (flavour mix). All elements work together to create delicious paella!

Paella traditionally is a sharing dish, eaten with family and friends. Paella amor aims to keep this tradition alive by providing  sharing pans of paella for your function. Whether it’s an intimate affair with paella for two, or you have a large function with more than one hundred people, paella amor is able to cater to your needs.

Over our years in the industry we have adapted our recipe to suit the Australian palate - this means our protein to rice ratio is much greater than a traditional Spanish paella. We also peel all our prawns. You can read all about our differences in our blog here.

We use Spanish imported calasparra rice, chorizo and saffron in our paellas and we make our own stock and soffrito to ensure the flavours are correct.

All our paellas are gluten, nut and dairy free.

Paella amor can cook any of the following paellas in any of our pans or we can customize a paella as per your requirements.


Chicken and Chorizo Paella
Calasparra rice, soffrito, saffron, chicken stock, chicken thigh, chorizo sausage, tomatoes and peas

Seafood Paella
Calasparra rice, soffrito, saffron, fish stock, prawns, mussels, salmon, squid, lemon and parsley


Mixed Paella
Calasparra rice, soffrito, saffron, chicken stock, chicken thigh, chorizo, prawns, salmon, lemon and parsley

Vegetarian Paella
Calasparra rice, soffrito, saffron, vegetable stock, capsicum, peas, tomatoes, asparagus, mushrooms, parsley


Customised Paella
We can add almost any ingredient you want to a paella – call us to discuss your options

*Note: we can also add / remove ingredients in each of the above paellas.

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