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Paella Catering Sydney - FAQ

Paella catering frequently asked questions

What is the price of paella catering in Sydney?

The price depends on the number of guests and pan size chosen.
Check out our pricing blog post here.



How much space will you need in total for the paella catering set up?

We require approximately 2m x 2m of flat space to set up but we can set up in smaller spaces. 

If it looks like it will rain an under cover area would be fantastic but we also have a small marquee which we can bring.

 Is there is an extra cost to get a paella with some ingredients removed? Some of my guests are allergic!

No there is no extra cost to remove an ingredient.  We are also happy to work with you and substitute an ingredient that you and your guests like and that works with their dietary requirements.


Do you bring enough lemon for everyone to have a slice or would we need to supply extra lemon slices?

 Yes, we bring enough lemon slices for everyone to have with their paella. We also bring some extra to ensure that anyone having seconds can have a fresh piece. 


Do you take your rubbish with you or will you need to use our bins?

We will take all our rubbish with us when we leave.

Our wait staff will collect all our bowls & cutlery so there will be no clean up for you after your event. 


Do you supply containers if there is any left over paella? 

We sure do! If there is any left over paella we will put it in our take away containers and leave it in your fridge for you to enjoy later on.

Paella is fantastic for breakfast!!

Ok so I want paella catering. How do I secure my date?

Email or call us so that we can send you a deposit invoice.

We require a $100.00 plus GST deposit to lock in the date.

When do you need final numbers by?

We require final numbers five business days prior to your event.

We can accept increases in your numbers up to 1 day prior to your event. 

Do you provide bowls and cutlery?

Yes, we provide biodegradable bowls and wooden forks which are included in the paella price. 

If you are looking to host a formal dining style event we are able to hire plates and cutlery, however this will incur an additional charge.

Do you need power?

If possible we would love access to a powerpoint if your event is at night.

This is just to plug our flood light into as none of our other equipment requires power. 

If you have lighting near the paella area then there is no need to worry. 

Other than that we cook with gas so have no other power needs.

How big are the servings of paella?

Our servings are approx. 200-220g per person.  

We usually have leftovers, so your guests can come back for seconds!


Do you serve and supply beverage? 

Yes, we are able to provide RSA qualified staff. 

Paella amor also holds a liquor license so we are also able to provide alcohol and sangria for your event. 

Help! I cannot see my question!

Firstly, don't panic!

Just send an email to and Alli will help you out.

Now that you have had your paella catering questions answered feel free to enquire!

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