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Corporate events with a Spanish Food Twist (Hint! Paella Catering Sydney)

Your next Sydney corporate event needs a spark. Same old tired catering, uninspired venues, and awkward networking under fluorescent lights – enough already! This is Sydney, folks – home of the brave, global deliciousness crafted by hatted-trained chefs and served beautifully to your team. After all, we know, and we’re sure you do, too, of that wretched disconnect between traditional corporate catering choices and the desire for something special – like Spanish food.

You crave authenticity, energy, and an experience that leaves guests buzzing long after the “see you on Mondays.” 

What better Spanish food that delivers on that promise than a classic, mouth-watering Spanish paella served by one of the best paella catering Sydney companies?

corporate events with a Spanish food twist. Spanish Paella. Catering Sydney

Paella Amor’s Approach

Paella Amor is a family-owned Spanish paella catering business that’s making waves in the corporate events catering scene. Our Spanish twist brings a breath of fresh air to your corporate events – with Spanish paella taking centre stage.

But enough about us: We’re here to address three of your most annoying problems when hosting a corporate event.

#1 Authenticity: Corporate events with true Spanish food

As an executive assistant in charge of catering for corporate events, the last thing you want to hear is: “Hmm, good food, but I’ve had better.” Yikes! 🥶 Our Spanish paella isn’t a pale echo; it’s authentic, locally-sourced flavours masterfully conducted by hatted trained chef Tim Darton and his team. We source the freshest local ingredients, cook them in traditional pans over delightful flames, and deliver authentic tastes of Spain that go beyond mere catering. Cultural immersion is the name of our game, and we love talking about it.

Consider this review from Peta, one of our faithful clients here in Sydney CBD.

“Five gold stars from us. Michael worked the bar and the floor with such efficiency and style. Rob and Tali worked their magic with the paella in the cold and wet. Thankfully under the gazebo but it was a miserable night outside. The smell as people entered the hall was amazing. Everyone raved about the paella. They cleaned up without me even really knowing. I was impressed! Thank you!” – Peta Loyd

Energy: Vibrancy infused into every bite

To stand out at a corporate event, professionals usually invest in the full pass to rub elbows with the VIPs, advertise ahead of the event, and engage in meaningful, value-adding conversations. But one key element that perhaps trumps all three is the energy that not only people bring to the corporate events but also the vibrancy that food infuses into those conversations.

From our experience, bringing something unique and somewhat unorthodox to the event pushes guests to drop their guards and get them talking. We can’t place a finger on it, but there’s something about Spanish paella that’s a mood-booster.

Experience: Destroy pre-packaged memories with Spanish food on your Sydney shores

At Paella Amor, we cater. True, but experiences that delight and inspire success are what really drives us. Heather, one of our repeat clients, found herself facing the daunting task of organising a corporate event with 75 people in the heart of Sydney CBD. Determined to make a memorable affair, she began her search for the perfect Sydney catering partner.

This is what she said about working together:

“Paella Amor were perfect for the corporate event I organised for 75 people in Sydney CBD. The organisation leading up to the event was easy: they were quick to respond and happy to help with my requests, and they complied professionally with the managing agent of our complex. In the evening, the set-up of the food stations and bar was quick and professional. The quality of the food was excellent - many people went back for second helpings. And the waiting and bar staff were attentive and unobtrusive. Finally, the clearaway happened very quickly and easily without me really being aware. I would happily recommend them and use the services of Paella Amor again.” – Heather Jarvis

As the evening unfolded, the atmosphere buzzed with lively conversations, laughter, and the shared enjoyment of exquisite Spanish food. The success of the corporate event was not only in the flavourful dishes but also in the overall experience.

Five years have gone by, and Heather still reflects on that memorable corporate event. We’re grateful and over-the-moon happy that she shares her Paella Amor experience with her friends and colleagues considering Sydney catering services.

Paella menu options customised for your specific corporate event

As we’ve said before, Sydney’s corporate event scene is both vibrant and diverse, and food plays a big role in making every event a smashing success. As far as corporate catering is concerned, paella is a brilliant Spanish food option that’s impressive, and crow-pleasing at that!


What if you want to go beyond the traditional Spanish paella and create a menu tailor-made for your specific corporate event?

Paella Amor specialises in customising paella menus for all types of corporate events – be they intimate corporate functions like team lunches or large-scale conferences for 2000 guests. We offer a wide variety of paella options, including, but not limited to, seafood paella, chicken and chorizo paella, vegetarian paella, and mixed paella.

We can also work with you to create a Spanish paella menu that’s specific to your event’s theme or occasion. Just tell us what your creative team has in mind, and we’ll be sure to pivot – we’re flexible that way.

Got more questions? How about booking a free discovery call or sending us an email? We're more than happy to address them! 

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