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Why Handmade Stocks Matter for Sydney's Flavourful Spanish Paella

authentic spanish paella, paella chef Tim Darton simmering handmade stock for a family reunion

One of my British friends, Donna, once hosted a celebratory dinner for her closest friends, and they've splurged on a traditional Valencian paella catering service that promised a vibrant explosion of Mediterranean flavours. The guests arrived, excitement hung in the air, and the paella was ceremoniously unveiled. But as the first spoonful hit the palate, silence descended. Noses crinkled. Tongues recoiled. Stomachs churned a rebellion.

The rice, once a canvas for vibrant spices and seafood, was disappointingly bland. A suspicion dawned on her: "Could it be the fish stock, the very foundation of the dish, that's responsible for this culinary betrayal?"

The problem with commercial stocks in Sydney

Let's address the elephant in the room: commercial stocks. They're convenient, yes. Readily available and seem like a practical choice for your Spanish paella in Sydney, of course. 


Here's where the problem lies – these commercial stocks simply can't hold a candle to the depth of flavour and authenticity that handmade stocks bring to the table.

Why do handmade stocks matter when making an authentic paella in Sydney?

We get it. As a host for your event, you have one goal: to create an event that stands out. Truly stands out. So, what do you do? You greet guests, mix excitement and global flair, set the stage, spark conversations, mix traditions, fill the room with magic. You do worldly soirees. You do exotic – bashes and you do them with style. Somebody got special requests? No problemo, cause you got a knack for making spectacular out of the meh-tacular. Nervous chihuahua? You're fluent in wag. You're all about the experience. Transformative. Magical. Unparalleled.

… while you speak excellent host, we speak stellar paella; and what's the lifeblood of Spanish paella? Two words: handmade stocks. They're what set the difference between a tepid whisper and a soulful roar. Compare that to commercial stocks! 

  • Culinary shortcuts? Check. 

  • Mass-produced shadows of the real thing? Check. 

  • Lacking in nuanced complexity and the vibrant layers of flavour that only comes from time, care, and real ingredients simmered with passion? Check, check, and check.

Considering the stark contrast between the vibrant, soulful flavours of handmade stocks and the dull, mass-produced quality of commercial stocks, how much longer will we allow the authentic culinary art of Spanish paella to be overshadowed by these uninspired, flavourless imitations?

Enter Paella Amor.

What makes paella amor the best paella catering company in Sydney?

Based in Sydney, we're not just a paella catering company; we're artisans of flavour. Led by yours truly, a hatted trained chef who learned under the superstar Miguel Maestre himself, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We believe in the power of handmade stocks. We make from scratch. We believe in fresh, we believe in locals. So we make the freshest and locally-sourced ingredients. Period. Our dedication to quality and service isn't just a promise; it's what defines Paella Amor. So, you, the host, can have one less thing to worry about when hosting your events.

What are the types of handmade stocks for authentic Spanish paella?

As far as authentic Spanish paella is concerned, there are 5 types of handmade stocks. Let's break them down, shall we?

  1. Fish stock: Essential for seafood paellas, offering a delicate yet profound oceanic essence.

  2. Chicken stock: Simmered to perfection and imbued with a rich, hearty base. Being the essence of comfort, chicken stock adds a velvety texture and a comforting aroma to your paella.

  3. Bone stock: A robust foundation that provides a depth of flavour that's unmatched.

  4. Vegetable stock: Light, aromatic, and perfect for our vegetarian offerings.

  5. Combination stock: A harmonious blend, tailored to create a unique, unforgettable taste profile.

Dean's delightful family reunion: a paella amor success story in Sydney

Dean's family reunion in Sydney transformed into a world of deliciousness – he owes a big chunk of it to Paella Amor's exceptional catering services. With a desire to serve something unique and flavourful, Dean chose our Chicken and Chorizo Paella, which is a vibrant blend of Calasparra rice, rich soffrito, aromatic saffron, succulent chicken thighs, spicy chorizo sausage, ripe tomatoes, and fresh peas. 

The star of the dish was our handmade chicken stock, specially prepared to enhance and unify the flavours. Dean was particularly impressed by how the handmade stock highlighted the other fresh, organic ingredients. The guests at the reunion were captivated by the paella's authenticity and depth of flavour, with many complimenting the perfect balance and exquisite taste. 

Dean's choice not only added a Spanish touch to the reunion but also left a lasting impression of warmth and culinary excellence that his family will cherish for years to come.

Real paella sings. Fake paella mumbles. If you want yours to drop a beat that drops jaws, give us a call at 0434 917 069 or send us an email to book a meeting with us.

hatted chef Tim Darton cooking an authentic Spanish paella using handmade stock here in Sydney for a family reunion.

Frequently Asked Questions.

You got questions, we got answers and more.

Is Paella healthy?

Paella can be healthy, depending on whether or not it has authentic ingredients. It's often rich in vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains (rice), which are nutritious. However, its healthfulness varies based on cooking methods and ingredients used.

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Couldn't find what you want? Give us a call or send us an email and we'll do our best to answer you to the best of our knowledge.

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