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Welcoming staff back to the office post-lockdown with corporate catering.

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Sydney is starting to slowly open back up since the COVID-19 pandemic and as vaccination rates hit 70% and 80%, we anticipate more people returning to the office before Christmas. What better idea is there than greeting your staff back into the office with a delicious paella curtsey of Paella amor!

Corporate catering with a difference:

Here at Paella amor, we specialise in providing corporate catering across the whole of Sydney. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer delicious, tasty paella, tapas and salads to large and small functions and events while also catering to everyone's dietary needs.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020 the Sydney corporate catering scene, like other cities across the globe, was faced with the difficult challenge of adapting to a different way of working. We are extremely glad to say that as restrictions start to loosen and more vaccines have been distributed, we will be able to serve events once again and are keen to provide the corporate world with our tasty paella.

Make it COVID safe:

We have implemented strict COVID-19 secure measures so you can be assured that our company operates amongst the highest COVID-19 safety standards within the catering industry. Our chefs ensure that they practice rigorous hand sanitation and do not attend work if they feel unwell. As well as this we have introduced new procedures in our production kitchen including limiting access from delivery drivers, mask wearing and increased sanitation.

Choose the best catering for your event:

As the only paella catering company in Sydney to make the grade on the blog website Sitchu, we offer our clients a unique catering Sydney experience to mark celebrations. This makes us the perfect option for celebrating the return to the office. Whether you want to have a special lunch with your colleagues, Friday drinks or offer a catering option during a long meeting, paella is an excellent dish that will stand out against the repetitious world of sandwich catering.

Catering to suit any corporate event:

Paella catering is an excellent option for your organisation as it is an efficient way to serve large groups of people a hearty delicious meal. We offer a wide selection of Spanish tapas which can be served as canapés as well as our highly popular seafood paella which is packed full of prawns, mussels, salmon and squid. As part of our corporate catering we can also provide table linen, glassware, beverages, bread and salad and we ensure that we remove any mess at the end of the event.

All our paella dishes are made with fresh Australian seafood, and we cater to various dietary requirements. Depending on your selection our paella dishes are gluten free, dairy free, nut free and egg free. This makes paella catering an excellent catering option for corporate events as everyone's dietary requirements will be met, while not affecting the quality of receiving a delicious meal.

Here at Paella Amor, we provide paella catering for all kinds of events. If you have an upcoming corporate event or are thinking ahead to a potential office Christmas party and want to create a corporate event to remember please do not hesitate to contact us.

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