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Why we are the best paella catering company in Sydney.

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Alli and I have been discussing returning to business from this global pandemic lately. Our focus is on attempting to return our business to its previous levels as rapidly as possible, providing employment to a number of our casual and full-time staff. Our differences are what set us apart between other paella caterers in Sydney. The below highlights why we are the best.

best paella catering company in Sydney

Our 5-star reviews:

All you have to do is a quick Google search of ‘Paella amor’ and we are at the top of the page. You can also check out our 37 (and counting) 5-star reviews from happy clients of ours. These reviews are something which we ask our clients to do if they have had a particularly good event with our food quality and awesome staff members being reflected in these reviews.

We are a Gold Licence catering company:

The Restaurant and Catering association has released the Gold Licence Caterer program as a symbol of quality which customers can use when hiring a catering company in Sydney. The entry requirements are strict and mean that you can trust any Gold Licence catering company which you come across. These requirements cover food safety, employee health, transport and cleanliness across a range of measures including a yearly commercial kitchen inspection which must be passed with flying colours. In our opinion, you wouldn’t go with a non Gold Licence catering company for your events just because you don’t know that they are doing it right.

Gold Licence catering company

We take all our rubbish:

Whilst you are considering your paella catering company, ask them if they take the rubbish with them. This is a small detail but is often overlooked and can mean that your bins are full before your next pick up. Leave it to us to take all our rubbish so that your bins can be free for party rubbish. We have a large bin at our commercial kitchen so it’s really no trouble, but makes a big difference to our clients. We leave our cooking area as clean or cleaner than when we arrived.

We are a full-service paella caterer:

We do it all, from paella to sangria and other alcoholic drinks with our NSW liquor licence. We are also able to offer a full bar set up with staffing, glassware, ice and floor length crisp white table linen. We also offer a range of entertainment options, tapas and styling to compliment your event. Paella for weddings has been a very popular option in the last few years. Paella is affordable, theatrical and entertaining and gives a great food option to serve a large number of guests. We also offer bread and salad for our larger pans to complete the meal.

paella catering company

We have listened to our clients:

With over 6 years as Sydney paella caterers we have spoken and listened to a number of clients. This has allowed us to refine our offering to ensure we are the best in Sydney. All our seafood is Australian, our prawns are peeled and cut making them easy to eat with a fork, our paellas aren’t spicy and we only come to the venue to cook. (Some paella catering companies prepare and cook onsite, where as we prepare our ingredients and stocks at our commercial kitchen on Sydney’s North Shore) We also offer generous serving sizes and a different way of pricing. Instead of a per head price, we offer a per pan price with different sized pans feeding different numbers of people.

We are always striving to remain the best paella catering company in Sydney. Our constant research and refinement to ensure we are offering the best means we continue to love what we do and we can offer this to our clients. If you would like to discuss an upcoming event, please get in contact and we will be more than happy to provide our advice. Stay safe Sydney.

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