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Have an important birthday coming up. What about paella catering?

For too long we have been to birthday parties where the host does it all. The food, alcohol, ice, set up and of course the dreaded clean up. This means that when we arrive, (usually a little late as we have been on a catering job) the host is burnt out, hasn’t eaten or drunk anything and is not enjoying THEIR party!

This is not a great way to host a party and we have seen even some of the most seasoned hosts come unstuck due to bad weather, the petrol station being out of ice or e

ven that they forgot about the pavlova in the oven and it becomes burnt to a crisp. This was one of the reasons we launched Paella amor.

We take the stress out of entertaining by providing as little or as much help as you would like. Just need a paella to complement your antipasto and cheese platters which you would like to make? No problems. Looking for us to bring the ice, beverage, food, staff, decorations and music? Not a problem either. Sydney paella catering by Paella amor is extremely flexible and aims to solve this massive party dilemma.

Easy: I have highlighted above exactly how flexible we are in terms of being involved as little or as much as is required for your event, but paella catering is very easy. Let me run you through the process.

  1. You ring us up, Google us or even send us an email and you will chat to one of our awesome office staff who will guide you through the process.

  2. We will email you our short but comprehensive information pack which contains all our prices and inclusions. One of our staff will also offer their recommendations on how we can help for your event. Prices aren’t complex; we sell our paella per pan so the flavour does not affect the pan price, only the size of the pan.

  3. A 20% deposit is required to secure your date and lock in the booking.

  4. 5 business days before the event we require your final numbers and full payment.

  5. On the day of the event, we will arrive at your chosen location 1 hour prior to your guests arriving to set up and get everything ready.

  6. We will cook and serve fresh, delicious paella (and if you require, tapas, beverage, dessert) to your guests, clean up, then remove all our rubbish and then depart from the venue. This then leaves you to enjoy your party without the hassle of cleaning up from cooking.

Best of all, we only require a 2m x 2m space to set up the paella pan and equipment and are fully self sufficient with our burners running on gas. If you are having an evening event we may just require access to a power point to plug in our portable lights. We do have a 50 meter extension cord so this does not need to be right near the cooking area.

Fun: Paella catering is the easiest way to cater in Sydney currently but its also one of the most enjoyable. Your guests can come and chat to our chefs, ask questions about the paella and even have photos. (Just make sure you tag us @paellaamor or #paellaamor) The cooking process is theatrical, relaxed and takes about an hour. All our preparation is completed in our commercial kitchen so there is no cutting of raw meat or fish (so no mess) and no running back and forward to the kitchen to wash chopping boards and knives etc.

Something different: Paella catering is something different to consider for your next event. We travel all over Sydney and beyond if required. Paella is a great main meal to have during a party and people generally come back for seconds. Paella is a filling and balanced meal with a rice base and good protein content from the meats and fish we use. It is very flavoursome, not spicy and great as food to have whilst drinking. It can suit a range of dietary requirements with very small changes and all our paellas are gluten free, dairy free, egg free and nut free.

So if you are in Sydney, it is worth considering paella catering for your next important birthday, function or celebration. Paella is a great way to bring family and friends together. It allows the host to get out of the kitchen and not have to worry about food. Paella amor is also able to provide a range of other elements for your party or function to ensure it is a complete success and take some of the stress out of planning, as well as on the actual day. Please get in contact if you would like to discuss an event or like a copy of our information pack.

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