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Paella Catering in Rose Bay - Eastern Suburbs

Updated: Apr 12, 2021


Some venues in Sydney are just perfect for paella events. This was one of them. Set on a private property on the water at Rose Bay in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, this beautiful house was built in 1929. It is comprised of stunning architecture, taking advantage of its amazing outlook and position. It was the perfect place to celebrate International Margarita Day with a exclusive mix of social media influencers, DJ K-Time, margaritas and of course paella.

Paella Catering in Rose Bay

This event was hosted by Patron Tequila and Max Media Lab to celebrate International Margarita Day. Expert styling by Max Media, ensured the event was seamless with a large Patron tequila bar ensuring everyone had a margarita at all times. Paella was also a star with two different types of paella cooked. Our seafood paella and vegetarian paella meant that everyone was able to select which type of paella they would enjoy. Some people even had both. The interactive nature of paella really shined a this event, with a number of people coming up to the pans and chef Dave. They were able to ask questions and watch as he expertly prepared and cooked the paella. It's this type of theatre which really sets Paella amor apart from other paella catering companies in Sydney.

Paella catering in Sydney

Patron margarita

Patron margarita

Looking for Paella catering in Sydney. We can handle a range of events and functions up to 1000 people. We provide everything including bowls and cutlery and are fully self sufficient. Get in contact to discuss your upcoming event Sydney.

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