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Paella catering in Chatswood in Sydney

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

During the day on Saturday chef Mark made the short trip from our Gold Licence production kitchen in Artarmon to the suburb of Chatswood. Interestingly Mark actually grew up on the same street as this paella event. A lunch paella is a great way to have guests around at the venue of your choice and means that your night still remains free.

Paella catering in Chatswood in Sydney

Mark cooked a 70cm chicken and chorizo paella (one of our most popular paella choices). This was all done in the backyard of the client’s house and served directly to her guests straight from the pan. (Our larger paellas often have waitstaff included, but for the smaller pans we get our chefs to serve the paella direct to the guest as a more personal touch).

larger paellas

As a COVID safe company we had our usual measures in place including individually wrapped cutlery and hand sanitiser available for guests to use. This of course provides a higher level of guest safety and peace of mind for clients wishing to book our services. We are one of the leading paella catering companies in Sydney and our service reflects this. Our attention to detail is unrivalled and by booking our services you know that you are getting the best.

catering in Chatswood

We are looking forward to COVID-19 restrictions easing even further to continue to provide our paella catering in and around Sydney. Hopefully, these events requiring home catering will increase in numbers to around 50 or so, as this is the most popular size pan that we sell.

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