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Paella catering in Bondi in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Over the weekend we were lucky enough to bring our mobile paella catering to the Eastern Suburbs of Bondi. This was a nice small event with 15 people attending. The paella party was already in full swing when our chef Dave arrived.

The host was well prepared and had selected a great spot for us to cook. Close enough to the party so that everyone could see, but out of the way enough that we were able to bump in and out without disturbing the partygoers.

Chef Dave cooked a 55cm mixed paella with delicious chicken, chorizo, salmon and prawns. Our clients were extremely pleased with the paella catering which they received. The paella was full of flavour and ingredients and the serving sizes were generous and ensured that no one left hungry. There was even some leftovers which Dave left in their fridge for when they were hungry again or for breakfast the next day.

We absolutely love paella catering in Sydney with the main focus of Paella amor being paellas, tapas and grazing stations. It’s this passion for Sydney paella catering that sets us apart from the other paella caterers. We are different because of the small details which we pay attention to and the quality catering which we provide.

How can you tell the difference? Get in contact with our office to pick up one of our tasting paellas. At only $10.00 they are an absolute bargain and are perfect to see if we are the right catering company for you. They come chilled, ready to microwave and are perfect for dinner with a light salad. Best of all, if you go with Paella amor for your paella catering, we remove the cost of the tasting from the final bill which means that the tasting is completely free. This is an awesome way to see that our paella catering is the best in Sydney. We promise you will not be disappointed.

So, get in contact for your next paella party or for general paella catering in Sydney. We would be more than happy to send you a copy of our information pack and pricing.

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