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Paella catering, Balmoral.

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

We were able to take our paella catering to the North Shore a few weekends ago to cater for an intimate 21

st birthday with family and friends. This event was held in a private home in the seaside suburb of Balmoral. Our lovely client set us up in their courtyard outside (perfect for paella catering) and even looked after an umbrella and mushroom heater to keep our team toasty and dry. The weather over this weekend was extremely wet with a break in the rain for bump in. After this break however; it rained all night!

Chef Tim cooked this intimate family 21st birthday, with our clients electing for a mixed paella plus vegetarian paella for 2 guests. As well as this there was tapas and salads to complement the dinner party. Our paella catering is second to none in Sydney with a focus on quality, attention to detail and a generous approach. This meant that there was leftovers for our client to give to her guests, or even enjoy the next day.

Our mixed paella contains chicken, chorizo, salmon and prawns. It is cooked with a handmade chicken stock which is simmered for over 6 hours to extract maximum flavour. We of course use Spanish saffron and calasparra rice for all our paella catering. Our vegetarian paella contains capsicum, mushroom, asparagus, snow peas and tomatoes and is full of fresh vegetables and flavour. It is perfect for vegetarian guests as well as vegan guests as it contains no animal products. As well as this, all our paellas are gluten free, dairy free, egg free and nut free. We are able to cater for many dietary requirements with ease and often with no extra charges for our clients.

For tapas our client selected the caramelised fig with lemon ricotta and balsamic glaze as well as garlic and chilli prawns. This was a great starting point for the event as people arrived. For salads our client selected the roasted pumpkin salad with mint yoghurt as well as a mediterranean salad. Both these salads work well with paella and are colourful and full of flavour.

A fun night was had by all, including chef Tim who enjoyed the intimate nature of the event and discussing paella catering with the guests. At the moment due to COVID-19 up to 20 guests are permitted in a home in NSW. This does not include the residents who usually reside at the address. These intimate events are perfect for relaxed paella catering. Its interactive nature, theatrical approach and amazing flavour are what sets it apart from other Sydney catering styles. It is generally more affordable catering than traditional plated meals.

If you have an event which you would like to celebrate coming up, please get in contact here with the friendly Paella amor team. We would be more than happy to assist you in designing your event and with all thing’s paella catering! After all its our speciality!

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