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21st birthday catering ideas in Sydney

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

21st birthday catering in Sydney is one of our speciality paella events that we regularly cater for. If you are looking for 21st birthday catering ideas in Sydney, look no further than a paella party or paella event from Paella amor.

Paella catering is something that is a little different for a 21st birthday, it's interactive, fun and best of all keeps parents happy with delicious catering, no clean up and the relatively low cost compared to other catering options. It's a fantastic way to share a meal with family and friends and provides a great talking point at the party.

catering ideas in Sydney

We can serve paella in many ways, at a stand up canapé style event with tapas, as a buffet where people can come back for 2nd's or even 3rd's, or even as a plated meal with salads and bread. This makes paella catering the perfect choice for birthdays and other events as we are so flexible with the service structure and event style. Each service style has its own pros and cons, but rest assured, we are able to serve the same quality meal, presented with flair and cooked fresh onsite for you and your guests. Our friendly chefs will always be accomodating with photos and ensuring the paella looks as good as it tastes.

Paella catering for 21st birthdays and indeed for any birthday, function or event is easy catering. We are very flexible in terms of the location and requirements to cook the paella needing only a flat piece of ground approximately 2m x 2m and access to a powerpoint to plug in our portable lighting if your event is at night. Everything else we bring for your event, including our paella pans and gas powered burners. All tables, equipment, ingredients and biodegradable serving bowls and cutlery are provided by Paella amor. We also take all our rubbish with us at the end of the event meaning that there is no clean up. We put down a protective mat under our cooking area to protect your floor or surface where we are cooking.

Paella catering is also a great way to feed a large number of people. Our paellas cover a range of dietary requirements and we can even create smaller vegetarian or vegan paellas to cater for even the most discerning guests. Our larger pans (40 people and above) come with an included waiter which means that you can sit back, enjoy your party and let us do all the work. It is really that easy.

Paella catering

So if you are considering 21st birthday catering ideas in Sydney, drop us a line to discuss your party or event.

We will be more than happy to send you our information pack which contains all our prices and information.

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