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Paella events from the weekend.

We had such a great time at last Sunday's paella party I just had to post something.

We were up in Bayview on Sydney's Northern Beaches for a small function of 12 people. This was a lovely family who were over from the UK and still needed to do Christmas!!! So the host decided to have all her family around and have a paella.

It was a fantastic day. We provided jugs of our Sangria (both red and white) as well as a seafood paella and a range of tapas to start off the event.

Photos are below!

If you are looking at having your own paella party, paella event, birthday catering, office or corporate event or even a wedding; consider paella. Not only is it an awesome and theatrical way to cater, but it tastes great. Paella is also gluten, dairy, nut and egg free and our vegetarian paella is also vegan. It truly is a great way to cater. We come to your house/office/wedding venue (which we can also help with) and cook a delicious meal, serve it to your guests and then clean up and take all our rubbish with us when we leave. It's easy, tasty and surprisingly affordable with a paella party for 50 people equating to $22.00 per person plus GST.

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