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4 reasons why paella catering is perfect for a winter event.

Paella catering in Sydney is perfect for a winter event for 5 main reasons. Of course, we think paella catering is perfect for catering for any event and suits corporate style events such as staff drinks and lunches. As well as, paella is extremely suited to private events such as birthday functions and wedding catering.

This is due to its relaxed, sharing style and no fuss approach. Not only this, but paella parties have now become popular in Sydney with people hosting an event just to have a paella. We think that you really don’t need a reason to cater, however if you are searching for one, talk to us. We would be happy to think of one for you.

Paella catering is a perfect solution for your winter events because it is

- Warm –

This may not sound like much, but too many times we hear of catering that arrives to guests cold. This is definitely not the case with paella. Our massive paella pans and custom paella burners are built in Valencia in Spain. They are designed for even cooking and to keep the heat in. As well as this, rice is a very good insulator as it stores pockets of air between the grains, paella will stay hot long after the last person has been served even in our larger pans which serve up to 150 people.

- Satisfying and filling –

A good winter dish is both satisfying and filling. Paella is a great winter dish as it is full of quality lean protein, carbs and vegetables. It is a balanced meal, which fills you up and makes you feel satisfied. Perfect for a party where everyone is drinking and looking for an easy dinner.

- Affordable –

Winter is the time of the year where the parties wind down and entertaining is the last thing on peoples minds. Don’t worry, paella is affordable and allows you to entertain on a budget. This is great as you can save the big budget events for summer but still entertain with paella catering during the winter.

- Convenient / easy –

Paella catering in Sydney is the easiest way to cater. Just give us a call, pick your pan size and then we do the rest. It’s so easy to organise and makes your night enjoyable. Perfect for winter when

don’t have time to put into creating an event.

If you are looking for easy, affordable, satisfying and most importantly warm and tasty catering, look no further than paella catering from Paella amor for your next event.

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