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5 reasons why Sydney Paella Caterers will benefit your next event.

I have written time and time again about the benefits of paella. Many of my blog posts focus on single factors which make Sydney Paella Catering such a fantastic option for any event. I have never put together a list of all the benefits of having a Sydney paella caterer and why tapas and paella catering will benefit your next event.

1. It’s theatrical and entertaining

Delicious paella cooked fresh in front of your guests in paella pans up to 1.3 meters in diameter. Friendly chefs and wait staff who love to talk food and produce. Your guests can actually see the paella being skilfully created with love and care. Not only is all this a fantastic way to entertain your guests and give them something to talk about, but it also allows them to feel more involved in the party. No longer does the food just appear, pa

ella catering builds anticipation and involvement in the entire cooking process.

2. It’s quick and easy

Paella catering is awesome because it is just so easy. On the day of the event, we arrive 1 hour prior to your guests to set up. We then start cooking about 1 hour before you would like to eat. Once the paella is cooked we serve, delicious, hot paella to your guests and ensure everyone is full. We then clean up, pack down and remove all of our rubbish. It really is the easiest way to cater in Sydney. There is no mess, no fuss and best of all no clean up for you. The whole process takes a maximum of 4 hours from our arrival to our departure, however we can stay longer if required.

3. You don’t have to provide anything

Our paella burners run on gas and we provide all our own equipment and ingredients. The most we will ask for is to connect our portable lights to a power point (but we provide the extension cord) or to wash our hands using the kitchen sink. We provide biodegradable bowls, wooden forks and napkins with all our paellas. If you are hiring a paella caterer please make sure that you check that these items are provided at no additional charge.

4. It’s affordable catering

Paella catering is actually very affordable catering. It allows you to cater on a budget whilst still providing delicious food and a theatrical catering option. In Sydney it is often hard to find quality, cost effective catering but not any more. Look no further than Paella amor for your next event. Our cheapest paella (for up to 150 guests) starts at $16.00 plus GST per person and even includes bread, salad, a chef and two wait staff to serve.

5. Our experience is your success

Paella catering in Sydney is extremely popular with many events happening each week. These events are provided by about 10 paella catering companies who all service the Sydney basin. All of these caterers offer a level of experience to make your event a complete success. Let our hundreds of successful events speak for themselves. Paella amor has been providing delicious paella catering for over three years and our passion and time in the industry is part of the experience which we provide to you.

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