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Gold Licence Paella Catering Sydney

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

That's right.

Paella amor is proud to announce that we have achieved our Gold Licence.

We are now the only Paella Catering company in Sydney which has a Gold Licence. We like to think that this means we have the BEST paella.

The Gold Licence scheme has been introduced by the Restaurant and Catering Association as a way to differentiate the good from the great! A Gold Licence means that a business is operating at a 'best practice' level. It gives our potential clients a symbol of quality which they can trust when potential hiring a paella catering company in Sydney. Our sister company Boardwalk Catering has also achieved this high honour. This means that both businesses have met all the requirements of the Gold Licence Accreditation Board.

The Gold Licence also allows Paella amor access to a range of 'Gold Licence Only' venues around Sydney. This is perfect for Wedding Catering and Corporate Catering as these venues will only allow certain caterers. This means we are the most flexible paella caterer in Sydney when it comes to venue selection as we can cater at the most amount of venues.

To pass the Gold Licence inspection, Paella amor had to fulfil a number of requirements including,

1. A passed health inspection report - (we got 100% on ours)

2. Certificate of currency of workers compensation - to ensure we have the right programs to look after our staff

3. Certificated of currency for public and product liability insurance - to ensure we are fully insured.

4. Food safety program - to ensure our food is prepared safely and in a commercial kitchen and not in the home (which in some cases is illegal)

5. Background resume of the applicant - which was Tim our director who has had over 9 years of catering and restaurant experience

6. Food safety supervisor certificate - which shows that we have a food safety supervisor in our commercial kitchen.

Alli and I wanted to say 'Thank you' to all of our clients who have helped us on this journey. We absolutely could not have done it without all of you.

We still have some dates available over November and December so if you are thinking of planning a paella party, please get in contact with us. We would be more than happy to assist you with your planning and preparation.

If you arent planning a paella party, but are looking for a relaxed, easy and affordable way to cater in Sydney. Stop looking and have a chat to us. Our paella can be as little as $17.00 per person (if catering for large groups). We sell our paella per pan rather than per person. We have pans to suit numbers from 12, 25, 40, 50, 70, 90 and even 150 people from a single pan. We can also cater for large groups of up to 1000 people using a combination of a number of pans. Paella is easy, quick, tasty and best of all there is no clean up as we bring everything to your event and take everything when we leave. It is the easiest and most affordable way to cater in Sydney.

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