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Sydney mobile paella catering

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

No hidden catches with Paella amor.

We only want to be honest with our clients. There is nothing we worse than planning to book an event, you think it is all sorted until there is a catch.

With Sydney paella caterer, Paella amor we can guarantee there are no hidden catches or costs.

Sydney mobile paella catering

I wanted to run through a few of the main queries where we think other paella catering companies tend to have hidden catches


From the start of your enquiry we will provide you with all our pan sizes, and prices. We also let you know what is included with each pan.

We will suggest the pan combinations we will recommend for your numbers. This will only change if your numbers increase or decrease prior to the event and we will then re discuss the pan that would best suit you.

We want to be as transparent as possible so you get all our pan prices from the point of enquiry. This means that you can add extra pans if your numbers increase and you will know exactly what price you are going to pay.


For all pans that serve 40 guests or more we include a chef and wait staff for 4 hours. Our chef and wait staff will arrive one hour prior to your guests and leave 4 hours after that. Should you require our staff for additional hours, an additional hourly charge will apply to cover their extra time onsite.

For pans that are smaller than 40 servings, we find our friendly chefs are more than capable cooking and serving the paella. We do ask that you come up to the pan to get the paella so that the chef can focus on serving, rather than navigating the party. You are also more than welcome to request a wait staff for these smaller numbers. Our staff are charged out per hour for a minimum of 4 hours.



We take all our rubbish with us when we leave. This means you are not left to clean up after your event. This has always been the case with Paella amor and is one of the benefits of having a commercial facility to prepare


We are proud of our achievement to become a Gold License caterer. We have been recognised by the Restaurant and Catering Association that we hold a Gold Licence.

This means you can be assured that all the food for your event is prepared correctly in our commercial kitchen and that we maintain the highest standards of food production, staffing management and insurance. It is a measure of quality which sets Sydney Catering companies apart. We are one of only two paella catering companies which hold a Gold Licence and even our sister catering company Boardwalk Catering holds a Gold Licence.


When you are hosting a party the last thing you want is for your caterers to arrive hours before your guests. Getting in your way of getting ready and any of the last minute set up details.

Paella amor will arrive 1 hour prior to your guests arrival. Our paella takes between 1 – 1.5 hours to cook from start to finish (depending on the pan size). Once we have served your paella, all your guests are satisfied and full we will start to pack up, take our rubbish with us, and leave you to enjoy your paella.

We are happy to customise our arrival time as a party by party situation. We want to make your event as easy for you as possible.

What you won’t see is us preparing and cutting a mass of ingredients ready for the paella. We feel that this can be unhygienic and potentially dangerous due to food hygiene. All our ingredients come prepared, cut and ready to add to the paella (aside from our lemons and parsley which we cut onsite as they are not high risk) We then cook the paella fresh onsite in front of your guests and provide unique and theatrical catering at its best.

Mobile paella catering


We will always quote any travel time once you have selected your pans. This is to cover our staff travel time on a per hour basis. Travel doesn’t apply for many locations but if you are unsure please check with us upon enquiring.

So consider Paella amor for your next catered function or event. We are local, friendly and professional and can cook for events ranging from 2 to 1000 people. We are the pinnacle when it comes to paella catering in Sydney and paella parties.

If you have a function or event coming up, please don’t hesitate to get into contact with us. We would be more than happy to help.

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