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Paella Catering Sydney - Carlingford

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Last Sunday chef Mark and waiter Shane took our paella catering to Carlingford in Sydney for a 50 person paella party. This event was a little last minute with our client booking their event about 1 week prior. This doesn't bother us as our team are experts at paella! We prepare everything in our Gold Licence commercial kitchen in Artarmon and then bring everything to peoples homes. Then we cook fresh in front of your guests or family to create amazing paella.

This is not just any paella though, there are a number of reasons why our paella catering is different. From our extra meat and seafood which we add to the paella to our attention to detail and quality service. Remember Tim and Alli the Directors of Paella amor run two catering companies and so are extremely experienced in handling events and ensuring quality outcomes when it comes to paella catering and indeed any form of catering in Sydney.

Mark and Shane cooked a 90cm chicken and chorizo paella with extra capsicum as a garnish (at the request of our client) This was after he ordered our $10.00 tasting and decided that he would like the extra capsicum. The paella was extremely well received with a number of guests complimenting our staff on how delicious the food was.

Remember we bring everything to cook and serve the paella at your function or event. Quality biodegradable bowls, wooden forks and napkins to serve. All the ingredients and equipment to complete our paella catering onsite. We put a floor down to protect your home / venue and ensure that our cooking area is left as good or better than when we arrived. We also put a large emphasis on the fact that we take all our rubbish with us when we depart the party or event. This means that there is absolutely no clean up of our rubbish. No bowls taking up your bin or you having to worry about sorting out the rubbish. We take all this as we leave to ensure easy catering.

So give us a try like our lovely clients in who booked paella catering in Carlingford. You can even try our $10.00 tasting where we prepare a paella for you to pick up from our production kitchen which you can then take home and warm up in the microwave to taste before you book with us. Best of all, if you go ahead with the booking, we remove the $10.00 from your final invoice meaning that the tasting is absolutely free! Check out our paella catering $10.00 tasting here!

If you have an event or function coming up then please click here to get in contact with one of our friendly team. We love to talk paella catering and would be more than happy to assist! Have a great long weekend Sydney.

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