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Paella Catering in Miranda

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Paella catering for a 21st Birthday in Miranda. 21st Birthdays are some of our favourite events to cater as they represent a huge milestone in a person’s life and it is great to cater for groups of friends and family. Everyone is always there to enjoy their paella party! This event was no exception.

The birthday girl loved her 70cm chicken and chorizo paella, but she also made a great choice of having 5 individual servings of vegetarian paella available for any of her friends who did not eat meat. This meant that any of her guests who required vegan catering were also covered.

Chef Dave took some great videos of the evening and paella cooking with guests coming up to the pan to learn how to cook the paella (and also because it was warmer near our large burners). This event again didn’t include a waitstaff and so Dave served directly from the pan, before putting the leftovers in our lovely clients fridge, cleaning up and taking the rubbish when he left. This meant that our client and her guests were able to just enjoy the night and not focus on cooking, cleaning or ensuring that her guests we happy.

This client had a perfect space for us to set up near their BBQ area, which was about 2m x 2m and very flat. (note, we LOVE flat areas). As always though, and if you are reading this planning an event, we will ensure that even not flat ground works for a paella party and have a range of solutions in case our cooking area isn’t flat for whatever reason. We are fully self-sufficient and bring everything to cook and serve the paella. We always take our rubbish with us when we leave and ensure that we leave our cooking area as clean or cleaner than when we arrived. We also use a mat to protect the ground from any spills or splashes.

Our paella catering prices are per pan and are fully broken down into a per person number including GST and essentials such as napkins, forks, bowls and staff costs. This makes our pricing transparent and easy to follow and compare to the pricing of other paella catering companies in Sydney. We are always happy to answer any questions in regards to price, but we are priced this way as we have found it makes it easier for our clients. If you have any questions regarding our paella catering prices, please don’t hesitate to email for a copy of our information pack. Or a really fast run down, visit our other blog post here.

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