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Paella Catering Sydney prices - Paella amor

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Whats the price!

One of the most important questions you can ask when organising a Sydney Paella Caterer.

As with any industry, prices can vary from provider to provider and are dependant on the quantity and quality provided. We believe Paella amor offers affordable paella and tapas catering at a very high quality and quantity level. We charge our paella out per pan which is beneficial as we know exactly how many each pan will feed. We do not charge per person (so no stretching pans to serve more guests than they can handle)

This allows us to price effectively as we know exactly how much (and the cost) of each ingredient to use to make the perfect paella. This allows us to control our costs effectively and therefore price effectively. It also allows our clients to get the best deal (and the best paella) as we are not cooking for 60 people in a pan that can really only handle 50 people. We just would move to the next size pan.

Cooking our paella per pan also assist our clients. Usually you do not know exactly how many are going to come for your party. Rather than charging you for 43 people exactly you could just opt for the 50 serving pan and then if a few extras drop past they can be accommodated easily. If they don't drop past, then you will have paella for the next day! Paella is awesome for breakfast!

So here are our prices. Plain and clear. That way it is easy to compare and know exactly how much it will cost to have a paella party from Paella amor.

55cm - Serves 12 pax - $600.00 + GST

70cm - Serves 25 pax - $720.00 + GST

80cm - Serves 40 pax - $930.00 + GST (includes 1 waitstaff)

90cm - Serves 50 pax - $1100.00 + GST (includes 1 waitstaff)

1m - Serves 70 pax - $1340.00 + GST (includes 1 waitstaff)

1.15m - Serves 90 pax - $1560.00 + GST (includes 1 waitstaff bread and salad)

1.30m - Serves 150 pax - $2400.00 + GST (includes 2 waitstaff, bread and salad)

All our pans include a chef based on 4 hours, biodegradable bowls, wooden forks, napkins and all equipment and ingredients. Some pans also include waitstaff and other inclusions as mentioned above.


Cooking our paella per pan also allows our clients to combine a number of pans to cater for different requirements. For example if you had 100 people attending a party, you could order a 1.15m pan and a 55cm pan. That way you could have 90 servings of mixed paella and 12 servings of vegetarian paella. The mixed paella will be the most popular, but there will be some people who either do not like or are allergic to seafood. Chances are there will also be some vegetarian guests. The smaller vegetarian paella will allow those guests to have paella to eat and ensures the guests with dietary requirements are taken care of.

We will even give you a discount if you order more than one pan!

Stay tuned for a pricing page which will be coming to the site shortly.

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