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Paella catering in Castle Cove

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Last weekend we catered for a 60th birthday in Sydney. We took our paella catering on the road to Castle Cove which is only really a 20-minute drive from our home base in Artarmon.

It’s these local Sydney catering jobs which we love as we enjoy talking to the locals and showing them what we can do. We also find that our private events have a strong referral component. This is because guests at our paella parties are able to experience our paella catering, ask questions and even chat to our friendly chefs about their own events. This has really been the main backbone of all our paella catering and explains why we are one of the largest paella catering companies in Sydney.

Chef Dave cooked a 70cm mixed paella for this 60th birthday. Our lovely client didn’t want salmon in their paella so we removed the salmon to ensure they were happy. We can always add or remove ingredients from our paella to ensure our clients are happy. We cook to a secret recipe, but we are always happy to push the boundaries and include different main ingredients in our paellas. After all, paellas were generally cooked with what was available in the area. For example, if you lived near the coast of Spain, you would use seafood.

Currently we are able to cook a number of different paellas with both seafood, meat and a mix as well as vegetarian paella. We have found that this does ensure that everyone has a great choice when selecting our paellas and they are perfect for a range of different events.

Our 70cm pan serves up to 25 guests which was perfect for this intimate gathering. Although we enjoy these smaller paella parties, we are actually able to serve up to 150 people out of a single paella pan. We are able to serve over 600 people with a combination of a number of pans. This makes paella perfect for small and large functions alike.

Paella catering is also great as we are able to cater for a range of different dietary requirements with the same dish. For example, if you have vegan guests attending a party, we are able to cook a completely vegan paella as well as a chicken and chorizo paella which means that the meat lovers are able to have a meat paella and the vegans are able to have paella too (just with different ingredients)

If you are planning paella catering for an upcoming event or function, then please get in contact with our friendly events team.

We are rapidly filling key dates around Christmas and throughout November and December. Have a great day and thanks for reading!

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