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Size matters for Paella parties in Sydney

Introducing the 'Size matters' page!

This allows our clients to compare all our different sized paella pans so that they know exactly what they are going to get. It also gives a great visual representation as to what our pans actually look like and how big they actually are.

Our paella pans are made in Valencia in Spain and are perfect for creating a great socarrat (the toasted/caramelised rice on the bottom of the paella which is super crispy, gnarly and full of flavour). These pans have been developed over many years, with their current shape originating by the 18th century.

It's never been easier to see what size paella pan we are going to arrive with.

We have also provided recommendations as to what the pan is perfect for. For example, our 55cm paella pan is perfect for dinner parties and intimate gatherings. Perfect for family dinners and small groups of friends for a catch up!

Check out the page using the link above!

Tim and Alli.

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