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Paella Wedding Catering in Balgowlah on Sydney's Northern Beaches

A few Saturday's ago we catered for the wedding of Karen & Richard.

Their wedding reception was held at their private home in Balgowlah on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Their ceremony was at Freshwater beach beforehand with guests returning to Balgowlah for tapas, paella, drinks and dancing. Such an amazing night to be part off.

We absolutely love home catering but we also love weddings. It is always an honour to be asked to cater for a wedding as people are trusting the food component of one of their most important days to us!

We didn’t have very good weather for this one, so our set up included our 3m x 3m marquee which we tend to bring to all events (just in case). Its super easy to pop up and cook underneath keeping all our team and equipment dry and organised.

Karen and Richard had already done a lot of the set up themselves, however; we provided a staff member to assist with party organisation including things like topping up their grazing station, lighting candles, changing bathroom hand towels and just general tiding so that the couple didn’t have to do these things themselves.

Upon guest arrival our bar staff offered drinks whilst tapas roamed the backyard. Offering tapas whilst the paella is cooking works perfectly, as this allows your guests to have something to eat whilst our paella is cooking.

We recommend approximately 3 tapas to start. This stops your guests from being starving but also doesn’t fill them up too much that they won’t eat the paella.

Our tapas menu included

caramelised fig, ricotta, reduced balsamic, buttered crouton

garlic & chilli banana prawns, lime dipping sauce

slow cooked pork belly, stewed cinnamon apples, crackling

These are some of our most popular tapas and cover off a range of dietary requirements including gf (prawns and pork) and vegetarian (figs). There really was something for everyone on this menu meaning that everyone could enjoy a bite as they had a drink and waited for the couple to finish their photos. All our tapas are made from quality ingredients including Australian seafood, market fresh fruit & vegetables and fresh meat which we obtain through our network of quality suppliers.

At 7.15pm our paella was ready for service. We provided our 80cm chicken and chorizo paella which serves up to 40 guests. We did have some leftovers for this event which we placed in the fridge for the next day or for anyone who was particularly hungry closer to the end of the evening.

As always we wanted to make this event as easy and stress free as possible. We always take our rubbish with us to avoid us filling up your bin with bowls and cutlery. The last thing you want when planning home catering is for the catering company to fill your bin with their waste.

We finished the evening with our staff assisting to set up the ice-cream station with waffle cones and a huge selection of ice-cream. What an event and congratulations to Karen and Richard!

On the same night we also cooked for a day of the dead party – here are a few photos from the night which was amazing as well.

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