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The last few weeks of paella catering in Sydney – review

Over the last few weeks we have been flat out providing our unique and theatrical catering all over Sydney. Not only have we been in Sydney but also up to the Hunter Valley for paella wedding catering. I have written a little about each event which we have been at over the past few weeks.

At the Hunter we cooked three paellas including a 1-meter mixed paella, a 90cm seafood paella and 4 servings of vegan paella. We also included 2 paellas which strictly were unable to contain any garlic or onion. Of course, the Paella amor team loves a challenge so managed to create a soffrito without any onions and garlic in it for these guests. Remember we are able to cater for almost any dietary requirement with notice. We fed 125 people for this wedding all in a relaxed setting amongst vineyards.

We also catered an event in West Pymble in Sydney for a birthday party. This event had 65 people attending and had another mixed paella for 50 people and a smaller 12 people worth of vegetarian paella. Of-course this kept all of the guests happy and satisfied with a range of paella choices for the evening. We received some excellent feedback over email from this lovely client “Dave and Philippe were wonderful. Professional service and tasty paella.”

As well as this we catered another event that evening in Waverton for a repeat client of ours. This paella party was for a 50thBirthday with over 140 people attending for the evening. We absolutely love these large events as it really shows off how versatile and easy our paella catering really is. We were able to cater for a range of dietary requirements through our paellas whilst still providing excellent service and ensuring everyone was looked after. This client opted for our massive 1.3-meter mixed paella which feeds up to 150 people. This is our largest paella pan which we currently offer. This pan includes 2 waitstaff, 1 chef, biodegradable bowls, wooden forks and all ingredients & equipment to cook the paella.

Coming in at only $17.60 per person including GST it’s an absolute bargain and perfect for a large event or wedding catering. I’m sure I have mentioned this before, but it also includes rubbish removal from the event and is seriously the easiest and most cost-effective way to cater in Sydney. Paella catering is popular, filling, easy and tasty!

Last weekend we catered another 50thbirthday, this time in Leichhardt in Sydney’s inner west. Although Leichhardt is usually associated with Sydney’s Italian community, last Saturday it was Spanish style all the way with a beautiful seafood paella being cooked onsite by chef Michelle. Michelle is new to our team but has already earned her stripes as being a fantastic paella chef. All our chefs go through extensive training with our Executive Chef to become ready to go out on jobs. This 50thBirthday was attended by over 70 people, but our client was cooking some of her own food so opted for a 70 serving pan (1 meter in diameter).

We were a little unsure with the weather onsite so we opted for caution and set up our 2.5m x 2.5m marquee to cover us in case of a shower. The showers held off and we served the 70 guests in record time (under 6 minutes) which ensured everyone was fed and happy. We then kept offering seconds and thirds until we ran out.

So, as you can tell, we are extremely busy at the moment with a number of weekends coming up with 5 events booked. Sydney it is important to get in early to get your paella fix. If you have an event coming up, please get in contact so we can put a tentative in our calendar to secure your date!

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