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Paella Party Catering in Sydney

Why is Paella amor the best paella caterer for your next Paella Party in Sydney?

We think it is because of the attention to detail and quality which we provide. Alli and myself think that quality is worthless without reliability and attention to detail which is where we excel.

Every paella party is planned down to the finer details. Paella amor operates with standard recipe cards and job sheets which ensures that all details are recorded and the job is undertaken to the highest standard. Once our clients have selected which paella they would like for their paella party and they have let us know how many guests will be attending, Paella amor will select the appropriate sized paella pan in order to meet the party size. This allows us to completely standardise our recipe to ensure that ingredient quantities are exact and flavour remains the same (reliability).

We are able to produce the same tasting paella for parties all over Sydney with up to 8 jobs on any one evening. This is what sets us apart from our competitors who charge per guest attending the paella party. This means that the quantities provided are not exact and paellas may taste different between different events or parties. This means that quality cannot be controlled and leads to an inferior product provided.

At Paella amor, paella parties are our speciality. We cater for hundreds every year and ensure that our quality is second to none. Our staff are very highly trained to provide exceptional service and great tasting food. They are also immaculately presented, friendly and enjoy their job.

As far as paella catering companies in Sydney go, Paella amor has a number of subtle differences which set us apart from the competition. Our paella party prices are competitive once worked our per person but charging per pan rather than per person gives us the edge.

Sydney paella parties

Charging paella parties out per pan allows our clients to select pans which are most suited to the size of the party which they are having. It also helps our clients when they are not completely sure how many guests will be attending the party as they can order a pan size slightly larger than they were expecting to allow for unexpected guests. Selling our paella per pan also allows our clients to select a number of different types of paella for their paella party.

Paella parties in Sydney

For example, if 50 people were expected to attend a party, the client could select 2 pans which serve 25 people each and then offer their guests two different types of paella. i.e. Chicken and chorizo and vegetarian/vegan paella. This would also ensure that dietary requirements were taken care of.

If you are considering having a paella party in Sydney, get in contact with us. We love to talk paella parties and paella catering.

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