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Paella Catering Sydney

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Another massive weekend last weekend for paella catering in Sydney. We cooked our delicious paella a number of paella parties in Sydney both during the day and in the evening. Our paella was loved by all and was a great addition to the parties which went on.

Paella catering in Double Bay in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

This paella party was for 70 people in the Eastern Suburbs for a lunch event. Paella makes the best lunch dish! Our chef Dave cooked a 1 meter seafood paella for everyone to enjoy. We were set up on the clients balcony and the weather was suburb for cooking paella. Sunny, no wind and warming up for spring!

Paella party in Manly on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

This party was a last minute booking for us being only 2 weeks before the event. It was just lucky that we had a cancellation and we were able to help as we sometimes get booked out 2 months in advance. Yes thats right. Our December weekend dates are already filling up, but don't worry as we are working on hiring some more awesome paella chefs to help fill the demand.

This paella party in Manly was a going away party and had 60 people attending. Not only were we required to cook an awesome mixed paella, our staff also assisted on the bar making cocktails and serving drinks. This paella party went well into the evening with everyone leaving full and happy after the paella which Athmane cooked. Our mixed paella is our most popular paella followed closely by our chicken and chorizo paella. The night last Saturday was a little cooler than the day, but our client was well prepared with outdoor heaters. We are also able to organise this hire to make your event as seamless and stress free as possible.

Paella Catering in Bondi in the Eastern Suburbs.

This party was for 120 people at the Bondi Pavilion. This was the first time that we cooked at the Bondi Pavilion but we found it to be an excellent venue for a paella party. We are able to now do direct bookings to the Pavilion so please let us know if you are considering this venue for your next paella party.

It was a little windy for us on the balcony but we were able to produce three different paellas for this event. An 80cm chicken and chorizo paella, an 80cm seafood paella and an 80cm vegetarian paella. As it was a cooler evening all our paella was eaten and enjoyed by all. As this client chose a number of different pans, we also included bread and a mixed leaf salad for them to enjoy. This created a more balanced meal for their guests and added to the overall paella experience.

We really enjoyed being in the Eastern Suburbs a number of times over the weekend and are looking forward to expanding further into the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. We are not limited to certain areas of Sydney and travel everywhere including to Bondi, Bronte, Double bay, Edgecliff, Paddington and Woollahra with our awesome paella catering.

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