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Paella Catering for Sydney Corporate Christmas parties

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Can you believe it, Christmas is not far away? If you haven’t already, it’s time to being planning your office Christmas party. The corporate Christmas party is a tricky thing to navigate. When planning your corporate Christmas party catering it is important to consider the budget available, date of the event and of course dietary requirements. It’s also important to do all of this whilst ensuring all your guests are having a great time celebrating the end of the year. For some employees the Christmas party can be one of the most anticipated events of the entire year, so it is something worth getting right.

Paella amor can help to meet all your criteria and ensure a fantastic event experience. With our mobile paella catering, tapas, desserts and even grazing stations we are experts at Christmas party catering in Sydney. We provide delicious, generous servings of paella which are perfect to feed a crowd of people. Check out the photo below of us feeding over 500 people at last years Channel 7 Christmas party. (That day alone we catered for over 800 people in 6 events.)


Paella is a very cost-effective way to feed many guests and not break the budget. Our paella catering can even be as affordable as $17.60 per person for 150 people. This includes a chef, waitstaff, all equipment & ingredients to cook the paella as well as biodegradable bowls, wooden forks and napkins. We even take all this rubbish when we leave the event which means that you have no clean up! If you are considering other paella catering companies in Sydney, make sure you check that they take the rubbish with them when they leave, it’s a small thing but it makes a huge difference to clean up the day after your paella party.

If you are anticipating feeding 50 guests we can cook a paella that will serve 50 perfectly for $24.20 per person. This also includes our chef for up to 4 hours, 1 x wait staff for up to 4 hours, biodegradable bowls, wooden forks and napkins. We can also cook two different paellas (25 servings each which allows you to have two choices) for $29.48 per person. This gives a great choice of food at under $30.00 per person! It’s affordable Sydney catering with all the attention to detail, quality and ease of catering priced in a much higher price point.

All we need from you is approximately 2m x 2m of flat ground (generally outside so we don’t make your office smell like paella for the next couple of weeks) and access to a power point if your event is taking place at night. We will look after everything else.

Dietary Requirements:

This is another area we have covered. All our paellas are gluten free, dairy free, egg free and nut free. Our vegetarian paella is also vegan. In our many years catering in Sydney, we have found that paella catering is a really nice way to feed all dietary requirements.

We can generally use the same dish to feed a number of different requirements with only small tweaks. This means that guests with dietary requirements don’t feel singled out with different food or only a small amount of food.


Our pans deliver an impressive vibe and entertaining & theatrical talking point to your Christmas party catering. The whole paella catering cooking process is completed onsite meaning that your guests can come up to our pans, speak with our chef and have a photo with our pans whilst the paella is cooking. There really isn’t any other catering company in Sydney which provides this level of engagement to your guests. We are able to cooking right in the party with our friendly chefs answering questions and discussing all things paella catering with your guests.

A lot of the time at events, all the cooking is done behind the scenes but with paella we add a theatrical vibe to your event without having to hire extra entertainment. We generally require an outdoor area to cook, however we do have some options for indoor catering so please get in touch even if your office doesn’t have a balcony or outdoor area. We are also a Gold Licence catering company so can cater in the majority of venues in Sydney. We also hold a NSW Caterers Liquor Licence which allows us to serve alcohol at events. Paella amor can provide a complete bar set up for your corporate Christmas catering as well as delicious paella catering.

Consider Paella amor for your upcoming office Christmas party. Not only do we make the event planning process easy, we also ensure that the day after the party is easy too. We clean up as if we were not even there and take all our rubbish with us when we leave. If you are looking for quality Sydney paella catering then look no further than Paella amor.

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