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Paella Catering Sydney

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Last weekend we were feeling back to our usual selves with paella catering all over Sydney. We had three paella catering jobs on Saturday evening. One in Warriewood on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. One in Beacon Hill, again on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and one in Glenhaven in the Hills District of Sydney. Paella catering sure is Sydney’s choice when looking for affordable, theatrical and unique catering.

Our first even in Warriewood was for a birthday celebration with paella catering. Mark and John worked at this event and cooked a 90cm seafood paella. Our seafood paella is extremely popular full of fresh Australian seafood! Kinkawooka mussels, banana prawns from Queensland, Victorian squid and Tasmanian salmon. The paella catering was loved by all who attended and I even received a text message from our lovely client mentioning that the ‘paella was a real hit with everyone’ and that ‘… sure you you’ll get plenty of business from my family and friends.’ We love getting great feedback from our paella catering, Sydney.

Paella Catering Sydney

Our second event was at Beacon Hill on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. This event was for another birthday, but it was disco themed!!! We loved being a part of this awesome event with plenty of great costumes and music. Murray and Shane cooked at this event and cooked an 80cm mixed paella with chicken, chorizo, salmon and prawns. This is our most popular paella catering request in Sydney. Again, it looked as though everyone was having a great time at this event with many people commenting how great the paella was. We got some great footage and images from our chef at this event.

Our third event was at Glenhaven in the Hills District of Sydney. This was for a 21stBirthday with a large amount of family attending as well as the birthday boys’ friends. Paella is the best option for an event like this to ensure that a large range of ages enjoy what is being served. Tim and Joel worked at this event and ensured everyone was happy with a 90cm mixed paella. Again, best of both worlds with chicken and chorizo as well as Australian seafood cooked together to form our most popular (and we think best paella).

Paella Catering Sydney, at its best is paella catering by Paella amor. We travel all over Sydney and cook our delicious paella for birthdays, christenings, staff drinks and even weddings. If you have an event coming up, get in contact soon to ensure we can accommodate.

delicious paella for birthdays
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