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Paella catering in St Ives

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Recently we were lucky to take ‘the best paella in Sydney’ (as a number of our clients have called it); to a residential address in St Ives. The weather was extremely good for this backyard paella party with around 50 people in attendance.

Chef Dave and waiter Shane were the staff on this paella event. They cooked up a mixed paella in our 90cm paella pan. Perfect for 50 guests and coming in at $24.00 per person plus GST what an absolute bargain.

This $24.00 per person plus GST includes your own personal chef, your own personal waiter, biodegradable bowls, wooden forks, napkins as well as all ingredients & equipment to cook the paella fresh onsite at your event. It’s theatrical catering, unique catering but also such an easy way to cater. We take our rubbish when we leave the event, so there really is no trace of us even being there. We travel all over Sydney and can go further if required. The price of paella catering in Sydney depends on what company you decide to go with and there are various pricing levels of paella catering.

Be vigilant, you really do get what you pay for in catering.

But back to our St Ives paella.

Check out the photo of the pan below. Our mixed paella contains chicken, chorizo, salmon and prawns as well as chicken stock, soffrito (our spice paste), heirloom tomatoes, parsley, peas and lemon. It’s our most popular paella (in fact, we had two last weekend) and covers approximately 70% of our bookings. This is because it contains seafood and meat which keeps everyone happy.

We received some fantastic feedback on our Facebook page from this lovely client.

“Highly recommend Paella amor for their delicious food and excellent service. I ordered the mixed paella for 50 people and it was cooked in our backyard and served at exactly the time we had agreed. The team were completely self-sufficient and did not need any assistance from us - as it turned out, the waiter showed a great deal of initiative while the paella was cooking, and circulated around the party, serving drinks and appetisers to our guests. We were not expecting that additional service!”

Just another day at Paella amor, however; we are truly grateful for this amazing feedback as it really makes our Mondays better. Imagine walking into your office and then people just saying nice things about you. (I know right!)

Our March bookings are through the roof and we have had to turn away over 6 enquiries for March the 23rd already (as we already are fully booked that day) so if you have an event coming up, please make an enquiry so we can pop a tentative hold in our calendar and avoid you missing out on your paella catering from Paella amor.

Have a great week Sydney.

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