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Paella catering in Drummoyne

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Last Sunday we travelled to Drummoyne in the Inner West of Sydney for the Drummoyne Rowing Club’s 100-year birthday celebrations.

What a fantastic day it turned out to be with many from the rowing community coming together to celebrate this fantastic milestone. We were part of the party which started from 1pm with paella service for the hungry rowers and guests. There was also a fantastic race of mixed 8 crews as the finale for the day.

We set up on a fantastic piece of grass, right on the edge of the water and cooked a chicken & chorizo paella and a seafood paella. Due to the perfect day we didn’t really need our marquee, but we popped it up anyway just to protect us from the sun and elements. We also utilised our freshly created wind guards to protect from the sea breeze. Chef started early with a super slow rendering of our chorizo to release maximum flavour, this ensures that all the fat is released from the chorizo and can be released into our calasparra rice.

At the same time we also did a slow toast of the seafood rice in the other pan. This helps to seal in the starch of the rice and ensure that the paella isn’t gluggy. It’s these small details which set Paella amor apart in the Sydney catering scene. We truly are experts at cooking paella.

For service we utilised our large platters to ensure the paella was dispensed quickly and hot. Guests were also able to come up to our 90cm pans and have photos or be served their paella directly from the pan. Of course, we took all our rubbish with us when we left and left the area completely clean and as if we never were there. The Drummoyne Rowing Club was ecstatic with our food and service which is awesome and all that we strive for at each of our paella events.

Remember, Paella amor sets the standard for exceptional paella catering in Sydney. We provide delicious, quality paella with professional service and attention to detail. All our stocks are handmade, all our seafood is Australian and our modern paella is full of ingredients and flavour. Our chefs are all fully trained in our methods and we regularly have 6 events on one day and feed hundreds of people with our delicious paella and tapas catering. We are also a Sydney Gold Licence catering company meaning we have the highest catering accreditation in Sydney provided by the Restaurant and Catering association.

If you have an event coming up, please get in contact for a tasting paella or to discuss your function. We would be more than happy to help.

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