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How Corporate Catering Is Taking Over The Hospitality Industry

Updated: Apr 16

Corporate catering has taken the hospitality industry by storm in recent years thanks to its unique, hassle free approach to bringing delicious food to the workplace. Popularity in corporate catering has only gone from strength to strength as employers utilise this excellent service to treat their employees.

From work Christmas events, working lunches to product launches, corporate catering offers both a flexible and versatile dining experience. Here at Paella amor we recognise that no two events are the same, this is why we offer a wide variety of conveniently delicious options.

Ability to Cater to a Wide Variety of Dietary Requirements

Corporate caterers specialise in providing high-quality food and drink for organisations while also accommodating dietary requirements such as vegetarian and gluten free options. This makes corporate catering an excellent choice for companies as they can be assured that there will be a dish that meets all dietary requirements.


Another reason that corporate catering has become so popular within the hospitality industry is just how cost effective it is for a business. Here at Paella amor, we charge our paella ‘per pan’ rather than ‘per guest’ which works out at a very competitive price.

Alongside our hearty authentic dishes we provide fresh lemon slices, homemade bread, and salad as well as a waiting staff for events with more than 40 guests. Our paella also comes with biodegradable bowls, wooden forks, napkins and even a trained chef who will prepare the dish in front of your employees.

It’s easy to feed a large office or warehouse as our servings cater for up to 150 people from a single pan. We can combine these pans to serve up to 1000 guests or even more if we hire external equipment.

Premium Great Tasting Food

At Paella amor, we pride ourselves on providing your corporate catering events with delicious mouth-watering paella as a tasty alternative to the same old traditional options. We source high quality, local ingredients and all of our dishes boast versatility, making them perfect for different occasions.

Paella amor’s signature Chicken and Chorizo paella is packed with Calasparra rice, soffrito saffron, vegetable stock, capsicum , peas, tomatoes, asparagus and mushrooms. Our Vegetarian alternative has vegetable stock, capsicum, peas, tomatoes, asparagus and mushrooms.

These options are similar but obviously different as one is vegetarian and one includes meat. What is beneficial is that guests with dietary requirements are eating very similar dishes. We have seen it all before where guests with dietary requirements or restrictions are singled out and given sub-standard replacement dishes compared to the main dish.

By engaging Paella amor, everyone gets a taste.


Corporate catering offers an element of convenience which has driven its popularity in recent years. Employers are often keen to find a quick solution when it comes to organising work events. Coordinating different schedules then booking venues and times that suit everyone can be time consuming. Here at Paella amor we bring the food to you so you can direct your time to focus on the key areas of hosting your event.

Food Safety and Hygiene

With our corporate catering, you can rest assured that each aspect of food hygiene and safety is followed to the highest standard. Our corporate caterers are certified and trained in health food safety regulations, providing you and your guests with peace of mind.

Paella amor is also one of the only catering companies in Sydney to hold a Gold licence. This means that we can cater in almost any venue, it also provides a recognition of trust which clients can see when hiring a corporate catering company. We also hold $20 million public liability insurance.

No Clean Up

Most corporate catering companies also clean up after themselves which saves your organisation the inconvenience of spending time after your event cleaning up. At Paella amor, we remove everything that we bring with us to the venue so there is no trace of rubbish, only happy memories and full stomachs.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have an upcoming event or if you would like more information on our corporate catering services.

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