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Four reasons to choose Sydney catering company Paella amor for your paella catering.

1. We offer a free tasting of our paella

Yes, you read that right. We offer a ten-dollar tasting of our paella, which when you book with us is removed from your final invoice meaning the tasting is totally free. This means that you can ‘try before you buy’ and sample our paella before your function or event. You will know exactly what the paella will taste like on the evening but you can also chat to our chefs as well as ask questions about your event. This level of service is second to none and gives a huge quality assurance and peace of mind for people considering paella catering.

*Please note, we currently only offer tastings of our mixed paella, chicken & chorizo paella or our vegetarian paella as these types heat up the best when at home in the microwave.

2. We are a Gold Licence Sydney Caterer

The Restaurant and Catering Association’s ‘Gold Licence’ is a symbol of quality assurance and trust that you can be assured of when booking a catering company in Sydney. It ensures the caterer maintains impeccable food safety, that the company has adequate insurance, workers compensation and certification. It allows you to be confident when booking with Paella amor that the food and service which you will be receiving will be the best that it can be. The process for obtaining a Gold Licence is tough and only the catering companies which meet the criteria are awarded.

3. We can accommodate dietary requirements

Did you know paella is gluten free, dairy free, egg free and nut free. Our vegetarian paella is also vegan as it includes no animal products. This means that catering for dietary requirements is easy for Paella amor. We also offer a range of customisations to paellas including onion free, garlic free and even tomato free.

Consider this, in a party of approximately 100 people, we can almost assure that you will have at least one person who has a dietary requirement or preference. This can be easily catered for with one of our smaller paellas, also cooked directly onsite, with that guest in mind. This smaller paella allows you to ensure that all your guests can eat at the party, but it also ensures that potentially harmful allergies are dealt with correctly and efficiently.

Some other Sydney paella catering companies withdraw ingredients from the main paella just before it is cooked and then finish cooking in a smaller pan. For Paella amor, we feel that this is too large of a risk of cross contamination hence why we cook our dietary paellas from start to finish in a completely separate pan with separate cooking and serving utensils. It is this attention to detail which sets us apart and ensures food safety and food quality is maintained. This is why we think we have the best paella catering in Sydney.

4. We come from a catering background in Sydney.

Sydney born and bred, Tim and Alli (the Directors of Paella amor) have been providing delicious paella catering in homes for over 5 years. From small beginnings we have grown into one of the largest paella catering companies in Sydney. This experience and size means that we regularly cook for over 4 events in a day. We have a production team, set up in our commercial facility in Artarmon which handles all our food preparation and stock making.

Our advanced supply systems allow us to use all Australian seafood in our paellas with deliveries from our suppliers 6 days per week. We are constantly innovating and creating new tapas dishes and reviewing our paellas to make them the best that they can be.

From here, experienced chefs, handpicked by Tim and Alli pack and load our vans for mobile paella catering in Sydney. Once onsite our chefs set up and cook paella right in front of your eyes. The paella is quite literally assembled in the empty pan over approximately one and a half hours. Its unique, theatrical and almost magical how the dish is cooked in front of all your guests. An awesome talking point to any function or party.

We also run a general catering company named Boardwalk Catering. Through this we provide a range of desserts, canapes, buffets and food station catering.

If you have a function or party coming up, please keep us in mind. We cater functions of various sizes, from twelve people to over 600 people so get in contact for our information pack and pricing.

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