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How Paella amor accommodates dietary requirements with paella catering.

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Catering for hundreds of events in Sydney has afforded us a certain amount of authority when it comes to catering for and accommodating dietary requirements. Dietary requirements are bound to present themselves when you are planning a function or event with our sister catering company allowing a 10% adjustment on the menu in order to accommodate these requests.

Paella amor

When Paella amor first started catering over 6 years ago, these dietary requirements were limited to vegetarian guests and the occasional seafood allergy. Clients and guests have since become much more aware of what they are eating and how their bodies are feeling and therefore multiple dietary requirements are often present on the same function. This however, is not something to be concerned about. The rise of dietary requirements which we have been presented with has ensured that we have been able to put in place delicious, filling and cost-effective alternatives and adjustments to our food to ensure these clients are not left out and do not go home hungry. Please read on to see how we can accommodate these dietary requirements and what makes us different from other paella catering companies in Sydney.

Paella amor accommodates dietary

At Paella amor Dietary requirements can be classified into two categories.

  1. Allergies

  2. Intolerances

Allergies are always more serious and consider the potential health and wellbeing of the guest or client. Intolerances are not the same and there often can be room for small amounts or traces of food items to be present in certain foods. People with allergies may react to these traces where as people with intolerances often may not even notice these traces or in some cases may actively eat foods with traces of foods which they are intolerant to. This does present a complex scenario as how is a caterer able to tell what each allergy is.

For this reason, Paella amor treats every dietary request seriously. We always do our absolute best to ensure that traces of food items are removed, but we cannot guarantee that traces of certain food items do not remain.

Vegetarian – Paella amor

How paella easily accommodates dietary requirements at functions or events.

Vegetarian – Paella amor can create a completely separate paella for up to 5 people which can be made vegetarian. This paella can be added to any of our larger pans and is a great way to accommodate dietary requirements. Best of all, this paella is also vegan.

Vegan – See above

Capsicum, chilli, onion, garlic – we can create a paella without capsicum, chilli, onion or garlic by removing these items from our soffrito.

Seafood – lets go with a chicken and chorizo paella or a vegetarian paella!

Gluten – all our paellas are completely gluten free

Dairy – all our paellas are completely dairy free

Nuts – all our paellas are completely nut free

Eggs – all our paellas are completely egg free

Something else? Get in contact with us and let us do our best to ensure we can accommodate your dietary requirements.

dietary requirements

We also include bread and salad for larger pans (over 70 people) which helps to offer not only a more complete meal, but also to accommodate any last minute dietary requirements which might be present.

Dietary requirements are here to stay but careful consideration ensures none of your guests are hungry leaving the event. Paella amor will always do its best to ensure that everyone is accommodated and fed during a function or event. Most of all, we make this so easy for the event organiser.

If you have a birthday celebration, engagement party, staff drinks, team building or other event which you are requiring catering for, please get in contact. We would be more than happy to provide a quotation and our recommendations for the event.

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