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Catering Northern Beaches – Paella amor

Over the past two weeks Paella amor has served up delicious paella and tapas to over 460 people over 5 events all on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. We have catered in Frenchs Forest, Neutral Bay, North Balgowlah, Allambie Heights and Bayview. As well as this we have catered at another 8 events all over Sydney and the surrounds (we are super busy at the moment).

We absolutely love Catering on the Northern Beaches of Sydney as this is where we were first located and where we made a name for ourselves. Since starting the business in 2012 we have changed our kitchen location from in Balgowlah to the industrial area of Artarmon to a larger kitchen with greater capabilities. This larger kitchen’s location also allows us to access the Northern Beaches more easily with various main roadways leading to popular areas. Paella catering has proven to be a crowd favourite in many areas along the Northern Beaches including surf clubs, community halls, churches and private homes with people loving the fact that Paella amor cooks the paella fresh in front of their guests.

All of our preparation occurs in our Restaurant and Catering association approved Gold Licence kitchen to the highest standards. We only use Australian seafood, premium AAA grade Spanish saffron, Calasparra rice from Spain and free-range chicken. All our paella ingredients are of the highest quality and standards which we think translates into the best tasting paella in Sydney. Our commitment to attention to detail and quality is what sets us apart from other paella catering companies on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

From first contact with Paella amor you will be greeted with friendly, professional service with attention to detail. This will also translate into your event with our professional and helpful service staff and chefs. Our paella recipe is a closely guarded secret which we only share with our senior chefs. All our chefs are extensively trained on the job to ensure they are ready to provide the high level of service and catering standards which we pride ourselves on.

Our most popular paella is by far the mixed paella. This is closely followed by the Chicken and chorizo paella, seafood paella and then the vegetarian / vegan paella which is perfect for vegan and vegetarian catering. We do things a little different at Paella amor and sell our paella per pan, rather than per head. This means that we have a range of pans to suit various numbers of guests and we can combine pans to suit large numbers. It also gives us options to include smaller pans of vegetarian paella which covers dietary requirements and allergies.

For example, if you were to have 100 people at an event you could choose our 1.15-meter pan of mixed paella (90 servings) and a 55-centimeter pan of vegetarian/vegan paella (12 servings). This would serve up to 102 guests and provide a great choice for your guests as well as cover any people who are allergic to seafood or who are vegetarian.

We feel that this is the best way to serve paella as you never know who may drop past your party. It also means that we aren’t going to overload the pans (which some people do) in order to cater for larger numbers that the pan can actually hold. BUT – don’t just take our word for it. Get in contact to discuss a no obligation $10.00 tasting which we then remove from your bill if you decide to proceed with Paella amor to cater your event.

If you have an event coming up and require catering on the Northern Beaches of Sydney or indeed anywhere in Sydney, then send us an email or give us a call to discuss. We are always more than happy to assist with events.

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