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Paella parties in Rozelle

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Another weekend, another paella party in Sydney. We catered for another 50th Birthday last weekend, this time at a cute townhouse in Rozelle.

Just one paella for 40 guests this time, however we did also include a selection of tapas which was a great start to the event.

We provided glassware hire for this event which is relatively new to Paella amor and handled through our sister company Boardwalk Catering which owns a variety of glassware for events. This means that the clients didn't have to source glassware themselves, nor did they have to worry about their own glasses on the night.

This meant that the clients were able to enjoy the night and at the very end, just give the glasses a rinse and put them back in our transport boxes. Then they just left them out the front for us to come and collect on the Monday. No washing their own glasses and super easy and affordable. It also means that all the glasses provided are the same and not mismatched from a number of different sources in the house.

The paella was loved by all (a mixed paella) with chicken, chorizo, salmon and prawns. This is our most popular paella (closely followed by our chicken and chorizo paella).

Overall a successful evening with good friends, quality drinks and the best paella.

If you are planning on hiring a catering service in Rozelle, look no further than Paella amor. And if you need to look further as paella isn't your style, why not check out Boardwalk Catering our little sister!

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