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Paella Catering Sydney. Our paella parties in review.

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Another fantastic event last weekend for Paella amor back on the Lower North Shore of Sydney, this time in Mosman. We were so lucky to work at another amazing house in Sydney. Our mobile paella catering can go anywhere! All we need is some level ground and access to a powerpoint if lighting is not available.

With 100 guests we served up one large chicken and chorizo paella and one large mixed paella, so there was plenty of variety for this 21st birthday. Of course, not to leave out anybody we also served up five individual vegetarian portions of delicious paella. As we sell our paella per pan we are able to offer a number of different choices of paella to suit your party. For this paella party, our client chose 50 servings of chicken and chorizo and 50 servings of mixed paella. This allowed their guests a 50 / 50 choice, however; we could have done 70 servings of chicken and chorizo and 30 servings of seafood. There are also a number of other options which would have worked for this party. It all depends on the clients guests and preferences.

Our chef on the night Dave was even asked his secrets to the best paella in Sydney. This is one of our closely guarded secrets, but I'm sure Dave spilled the beans!

This is Dave and Shane set up and ready to cook!

There was plenty of paella for the guests to have 2nd's and even 3rd's which we find is perfectly suited to 21st Birthday Catering in Sydney. Paella is a great food to have with drinks and friends. It's filling, hot, easy to eat and tasty!

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