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Products used by Sydney caterer Paella amor.

The paella amor difference

As Sydney caterers, we use local suppliers and produce as much possible, however; there are some items such as our rice, saffron and paprika. After being in the Sydney catering market for almost 3 years, we have taken our clients feedback into consideration and offer paellas with a much higher meat to rice ratio. This is perfect for the Australian palette and ensures even the hungriest of guests are satisfied.

I thought that it would be a good idea to run through some of the produce which we use at paella amor to truly highlight the Paella amor difference. Our ingredients used depend on which paella is chosen by our clients. Everything is cooked fresh onsite, in front of your guests who can ask questions and take photos. It is a theatrical, fun and engaging dish, which is perfect to have with family, friends and colleagues. It’s fantastic for staff gatherings, after work drinks, birthday parties, family celebrations and Christmas parties.

The produce which we use is second to none. High quality ingredients, prepared with skill and presented with flair is what separates Paella amor from the competition in the Sydney catering scene. I have discussed a few below.

Olive oil – We use Carbonell Extra Virgin Olive Oil due to its amazing golden colour and full flavour. Each of our paellas begin with this extra virgin olive oil which allows us to gently colour our rice. The oil is produced in Cordoba in Spain (in the south of Spain near Seville). The olives are harvested when they are completely ripe to reduce bitterness and acidity. They are picked either by hand or knocked from the olive trees with sticks. They then fall onto canvas to stop them being bruised, are collected and then pressed within 24hrs. The extra virgin olive oil which we use is from the first cold press of the olives and has an acidity of 0.6% (to be classified as extra virgin the oil must have an acidity of 0.8% or less)

Calasparra / Bomba rice – we use a very unique short grain rice which is grown in the mountains of the Spanish province Murcia. The pure mountain water here as well as the altitude means that the grains mature 30% longer than regular rice. This slow maturation enables the rice to soak up three times its weight in stock. That means that the grain can hold more flavour whilst still retaining its texture.

Salmon – we use Atlantic salmon which is raised in sea cages. These sea cages are positioned in open water in and around Tasmania. We try to use Huon farmed salmon as they have over 25 years experience in salmon farming. They are committed to improving the sustainability of the salmon and have positioned their sea cages in deeper water areas. This means that there are greater currents present which means that the fish have cleaner water to swim and are required to keep moving. This promotes a firmer textured fish as well as a healthier fish as waste products are removed and broken down in the larger ecosystem.

Mussels – we use Kinkawooka mussels in all our seafood paellas. They have an amazing sweet flavour and an excellent meat to shell ratio. Kinkawooka is Australia’s most awarded mussel and come alive in seawater and ready to cook. The mussels are also a sustainable choice as they are grown on farms in South Australia.

Saffron – we use Pina saffron in all of our paellas which is grown in Spain. It is AAA grade saffron which is very long and coloured a deep red. This means that it turns our paellas a deep yellow colour when cooked. It also imparts it amazing floral flavour into the paella. It is grown in Novelda in Spain near Murcia and is then hand picked, dried and then packed.

Soffrito – our soffrito is the spice mix of our paella, we use fresh Australian produce in our soffrito. Flame roasted capsicums, parsley, garlic, coriander and mint. We also use Spanish paprika and aged sherry vinegar in order to make this spice blend. We do not cook this spice mix before adding it tour our paellas ensuring that all the flavour is cooked and concentrated in the pan.

Fish stock – we use a mix of salmon and snapper bones to make our fish stock. These are bought to the boil with aromatic vegetables and skimmed constantly in order to create a clean flavour and lightly coloured clear broth.

Chicken stock – we make a brown chicken stock for our meat paellas. Chicken frames are roasted with carrots, onions and celery until deep golden. They are then cooked together for at least 4 hours. The stock is constantly monitored and skimmed regularly to create a clear stock with heaps of flavour.

So there it is. The paella amor difference.

Well the difference between us and the rest in terms of produce.

If you have a Sydney catering event or function coming up make sure you contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can help.

Tim and Alli.

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