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Paella Catering Sydney in the suburb of Denistone

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Paella amor are experts in paella catering in Sydney. We travel all over Sydney, bring everything required to cook the paella fresh onsite (all prepared at our commercial kitchen) and take all the rubbish when we leave. We are also a Gold Licence paella catering company which means that our clients can be assured of quality when hiring our services. Our paellas cater to a range of different dietary requirements including gluten free, dairy free, egg free and nut free. Our vegetarian paella is also vegan as it contains absolutely no products which come from an animal.

Paella Catering Sydney

Last Saturday we catered for a 60thBirthday party in Denistone. What a fantastic night it was with about 70 people coming together to celebrate this amazing life milestone. Dave and Shane were the staff on the job and cooked an 80cm chicken and chorizo paella and a 70cm seafood paella. This meant that the guests who attended the party had a fantastic choice of their paella. This is delicious catering with awesome variety, quality ingredients and excellent service.

Paella Catering Sydney in the suburb of Denistone

As always, we received some amazing feedback from the event with our client even writing a 5 star Google review. These reviews really help our business as they give potential clients actual feedback and impressions from our events. They show people enjoyed their events and why they enjoyed them. These reviews basically show how we are the experts in paella catering.

Paella Amor

“Paella Amor team members, Shane and Dave, were just great. They were on time, professional, thoughtful, impeccably dressed and well mannered. Shane worked tirelessly all night, managing food and helped with many other things. I did not have to handle any small detail because I had Shane to handle. They both kept the place spotless! My guests had plenty of paella with a choice of two flavours. I would highly recommend this team!” – Margaret

 absolutely love feedback

We absolutely love feedback like this and we are so grateful that Margaret went out of her way to review our business on Google.

 Christmas party paella catering

It is starting to shape up as looking like this summer will be our busiest yet with a number of paellas already booked for November and December for corporate Christmas party paella catering. So, if you are planning paella catering for your upcoming event, please make sure you get in contact sooner rather than later. We obviously will do our best to ensure we have availability; however, we sometimes have 13 events on a single day so it is important to treat all bookings on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

information pack and tapas menu

Contact our bookings team today for a copy of our information pack and tapas menu or to enquire about our availability on your chosen date.

Have great weekend Sydney!!

Alli and Tim.

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