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Paella Catering in Allambie Heights

Staying local on the Northern Beaches we catered another 21st over the weekend in Allambie Heights.

As it was a more intimate paella party, we just had one of our paella chefs Mark on the job – serving up a 70cm pan of mixed paella. This is perfect for smaller events and includes a chef but no waitstaff. We find this is an affordable option where guests can come up to the pan to get their paella, chat to our chefs and learn about what they are eating.

What’s a 21stparty without a few drinks to celebrate? As we are certified with NSW Caterers Liquor License we were able to provide bar service for the evening. We are also able to provide a range of beverage packages including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, ice, glassware and even full bar set ups with tables, linen and staffing. We really are a full service catering company in Sydney and as we are the only paella specific Gold Licence Caterer, we are able to offer the highest levels of quality and food safety.

We were delighted to receive some positive feedback over the phone a few days later. We are always so thrilled to hear that everyone enjoyed the delicious paella and the service that we provided them to ensure the party’s a success!

Paella pan set up and ready to cook!

The (almost) finished paella

You can see from the above photos that guests can easily come up to the pan and cooking area, chat with our friendly and knowledgeable staff and even have a photo with the chef. Paella is not only a tasty dish, but a theatrical one which gives a great talking point for parties and functions. It also allows guests to actually see their food being cooked right in front of them.

A lot of Sydney Caterers prefer to cook from the kitchen or garage. Whilst this can be functional, it is sometimes not the best choice for the party. Paella is cooked on our massive gas burners, right in front of everyone, for everyone to enjoy.

Leave it to the Sydney paella catering experts, Paella amor to make your next function or event a complete success. Get in contact now to discuss your next event.

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