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How to make your next party or event a success - hire a Sydney caterer (or Sydney paella caterer!)

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

There are a number of good reasons why a Sydney catering company will make your next event a success. We have highlighted our top 6 below.

1. They supply the food

Not only does the catering company source, purchase, prepare, transport and then cook the food at your event, a good Sydney caterer can also provide unique food options for your guests. This results in an event where people experience something different to what they may have been expecting. At paella amor we provide our guests with fresh paella, straight from our massive pans, cooked on the night. Our sister company Boardwalk Catering provides a range of food stations and unique dining options such as themed parties for your events. As well as this, Boardwalk Catering provides canapé function catering, buffet catering and formal dining catering for weddings, corporate events and private events alike. We also regularly cater on Super Yachts and private boats.

2. You can enjoy your party

This is an exceptional reason to hire a quality Sydney caterer. They do all the work! As soon as the party begins and usually for about 3 days beforehand, the host is busy preparing, organising and getting everything ready for their party. We see it time and time again where the host ends up eating and drinking nothing, as they have been cooking all night. When they finally do finish and join the party they are way too tired to socialise and end up not having a very good time. We don’t want this to happen to you! Paella amor will look after your guests, equally importantly ensure you are having a good time.

3. They serve the food

Many top Sydney catering companies can provide subtle and unobtrusive waiters and waitresses who are there to make your event or function run smoothly. This means that they serve the food as well as clean up the rubbish during the event and make sure your guests are happy. Paella amor can provide waiters for your event to ensure it is a success.

4. It saves you time and money

Hiring a catering company can save loads of time. They are able to take care of everything for your event. This includes getting the ingredients and preparing the food, organising decorations, marquees, venue selection and other event elements. There is no need to be running around for weeks before your event getting the right equipment and decorations, bowls, plates, spoons, glassware; the list goes on. All of this can be organised with the catering company before hand and brought to your event on the night. Paella amor can organise almost anything to do with your event including hiring bands, sourcing decorations and providing plates and glassware.

5. Professionals provide guidance

A good caterer will provide guidance for your event. The team at an established Sydney catering company will usually consist of a head chef, an event producer and a number of other assistant staff. The head chef will be able to tailor a menu to what is in season and the expectations for your event. The event producer will then be able to guide you with what requirements you may need and how to set out these requirements so that nothing looks out of place. For example, room placement of furniture, the bar and other elements such as a DJ table. These professionals have the industry knowledge and event experience to ensure they can provide you with solutions which work.

6. They clean up!

This is one of the most talked about reasons for hiring a catering company. We often get feedback which praises the fact that we cleaned up and there was no trace of us even being there and cooking. This is a good thing as it means that the next day instead of having to clean up, you are able to have a tea and stay in bed for that extra hour which you would have spent cleaning. We take all our rubbish with us and leave your house in as good, if not better condition than when we found it.

So there it is, our 6 main reasons why you should hire a catering company for your next event. Next time you are having an event, instead of thinking of the headache of organising, preparing, cooking, serving and the cleaning up, think of Paella amor and Boardwalk Catering. Feel free to contact us for your next event.

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